16th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management

24-29 june 2022 - Mexico City 



Universidad Panamericana was founded in 1967 as a business school. The original group of scholars and business people, who founded the Business School (IPADE), soon began promoting what is today Universidad Panamericana. The Pan-American Institute of Humanities (IPH), precursor to Universidad Panamericana, was founded in 1968. In 1978, IPH was elevated to the rank of university, and took the name Universidad Panamericana, even though both IPADE and IPH had initially conceived knowledge as being unitary and universal- that is, a university. Universidad Panamericana has four campuses, which give service to almost 12 thousand students. The first campus was inaugurated in Mexico City in 1968, the second in Guadalajara in 1981 and a third in Aguascalientes in 1989. Campus Santa Fe, also located in Mexico City, was inaugurated in 2011. The University, in its five decades of life, has come to occupy a place as one of the top universities in Mexico. Currently, the university has 23 undergraduate academic programs, 40 Master programs and  5 PhD programs depending on 6 Schools and 3 Faculties.

  • School of Institutions Administration

  • School of Business and management

  • School of Fine Arts

  • School of Health Sciences

  • School of Hospitality

  • School of Economic and Administrative Sciences

  • School of Communication

  • Faculty of Engineering

  • Faculty of Law

  • Faculty of Philosophy

  • Faculty of Pedagogy


Educate persons who seek the truth and commit to it, promoting a Christian humanism, which contributes to building a better world.


As a university, become a global referent through academic quality, ethical formation, and a Christian view of life. Be a university whose alumni are socially responsible and aspire to professional and personal fulfillment.



The Pan American University, faithful to its commitment to seek the truth, focus on the person and promote freedom, is aware of the responsibility and ability of art to influence the conformation of the society in which we want to live. In an effort to be consistent with this important task, the School of Fine Arts of the Pan American University assumes the following mission and vision.



Train professional artists and entrepreneurs who seek the configuration of a better world, through the creation of new beauty paradigms in sound, shapes and images.


Being a reference in Mexico, and internationally, in the production of artistic expressions characterized by a deep respect for the human being and ethical work.