FAQ – AIMAC 2022

Presentation time

Every presenter will have 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion with the online and in person audience.


Every presenter will be able to share screen. Online participants via Zoom “Share screen option”. In person participants via room’s computer or their own laptop.


In person participants will have access to the room computer so you can bring your memory stick. If you are using your own laptop, we suggest you bring a HDMI adaptor (if the laptop does not have the entrance) or you can log into the Zoom session and share your screen.

Online access

To get access to the private section on AIMAC website you should sign up using the same email you used for registration. If you have any problem, please contact us at: mx_aimac2022@up.edu.mx


Every participant (in person and online) will be able to have access to Zoom sessions though the links on the detailed program.

Coffee breaks – Networking

To facilitate networking for online and in person participants, there will be a Zoom meeting during mornings’ coffee breaks for those online and in person who would like to join. There will be a moderator in the session that can create private rooms by breakout rooms.


You will be able to have access to Zoom sessions though the links on the detailed program




Proceedings will be ready in the AIMAC website after the Conference.

Abstracts are ready for consultation in the links provided in the detailed program.

In person participants


Covid restrictions

Although Mexico City is currently at a green traffic light (mean the lower risk level), the pandemic has not yet come to an end. It is the responsibility of each of us to continue taking care of ourselves, and thus also protect those around us.


The use of facemask correctly (covering the nose and mouth) in closed spaces within our university facilities is compulsory. You are allowed to remove it during your presentation, please remember to wear it again once you finish your presentation.


The organizers will keep classrooms, halls and meeting rooms ventilated.


We suggest you continue to comply with the recommendations issued by the Government of Mexico City https://coronavirus.gob.mx/


If you have had contact with a positive case or have symptoms of COVID-19, you can contact our COVID line: +52 55 7930 9729.

Visit to Teotihuacan

Bus will leave from Valencia 36 at 9:30 am. This is walking distance from main Campus, El Diplomatico Hotel, City Express Hotel and Metrobus Insurgentes Sur.


Please bring comfort shoes for walking, water and sun protection.

Welcome cocktail and registration

The welcome cocktail and registration will be in the Central Garden of Main Campus, as it is Sunday the entrance should be through Valencia 107

The doctoral Symposium

All the activities of the doctoral Symposium (sessions lunch and cocktail) will be held at the School of Fine Arts.

The Conference

The Conference will be held at the main campus. You can have access through Valencia 107 or Augusto Rodin 498


It is very important that you always carry your congress badge to gain access to the campus.


Plenary sessions in the Auditorium.

Parallel Sessions in different rooms around the library (Monday morning there will be two parallel sessions in the School of Fine Arts – 5 minutes’ walk from Library)

Coffee breaks – Next to the library

Lunch – Deck at the School of Fine Arts

Mexico City transportation

We recommend you use Uber, Cabify, Beat, Didi to move around the city. You can also use them at the airport. Airport taxis are safe too.

We do not recommend you use public transportation as it could be very confusing. If you use the subway, please notice that Line 12 (Gold color) is under construction right now and it is close, this is the line close to our campus. Metrobus Insurgentes Sur.


Transportation for Museo de Antropologia and Gala Dinner

On Tuesday 28 we will provide transportation from Campus to Museo de Antropologia, so it is important that you register for the visit to assure your spot. It will be one way as the visit will finish soon and the area of the museum worth a walk and a dinner. Vans will leave from Campus parking. You can register for transportation at the moment of registration either on Sunday or Monday.

On Wednesday 29 we will provide transportation to Gala dinner, both ways. Vans will leave from Campus parking; you can register for transportation at the moment of Registration either on Sunday or Monday.


Lunchs and Gala dinner

If you haven’t done it yet, we kindly ask you to fill the questionnaire to let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions.



If you need to reach us with any question please contact us at: mx_aimac2022@up.edu.mx


or call us or whatsapp: +52 55 4030 4862 | +52 55 4185 6480 | +52 55 1385 2843